Basic Pre-Ride Bike Maintenance Tips

bike maintenance

Figure out how to deal with your bicycle before hitting the trail to guarantee a fun and safe ride.
Bicycle riding can be an elating episode, a superb exercise or another approach to associate with nature. In any case, as in any game, you’ll need to ensure that your hardware is working
legitimately. Going through some brisk and straightforward bike maintenance can help forestall potential incidents on the trail, and furthermore let you further improve your understanding of your bicycle. Here are a couple key territories to consider before starting pedaling.

The initial step is to ensure that your rigging is pressed and prepared to go. Beside your cap, water and emergency treatment unit, you may likewise need to convey some fundamental devices if an occurrence of a breakdown should arise. A multi-instrument, save inward tube and pump are vital to pack. When you are legitimately prepared, ensure your bicycle is appropriately tuned.


The primary thing to check is the tire weight. Your tires ought to have the suggested PSI stamped some place close to the edge. Not having enough weight can make it somewhat harder to pedal and having too much weight may cause an uneven ride, or worst, a punctured tire. Ensure you are working at the prescribed tire weight for the most ideal ride.

To do that, turn your wheel so that the spout is staying straight up. Unscrew the top and place the hose of the vacuum apparatus on the spout and bolt it. Each pump has an alternate locking component, yet ensures that it is set up before pumping. Add more air until the coveted PSI is achieved. At that point detach the hose and screw the top back on the spout. You will hear some air spill out after you separate the hose, yet this is typical.

Situate alteration

Prior to the beginning of your ride, your seat ought to be at a decent, agreeable stature. The perfect seat tallness is by and large about where you can remain on your tip toes when you are situated over the seat. Most bicycles will highlight one of two seat modification instruments. One type has a catch while the other has an Allen jolt.

In the event that your seat has the catch type, open the catch, position the seat to the coveted stature and after that close the catch.

For the Allen jolt sort, first relax it at the base of the seat post with an Allen key. Once the seat is extricated, you can modify the tallness as needs be. Before you fix the seat on either instrument, ensure that the seat is lined up with the top tube.


The last thing to check is the brakes. Give them a fast test by crushing every one independently and ensuring the wheel locks. On the off chance that you are unsatisfied with their locking ability, take your bicycle to your neighborhood DICK’S Brandishing Products bicycle office to have one of our geniuses look it over.

You ought to never forget to check your tire weight, situate tallness and brakes as a component of your pre-ride schedule.

This article was written based on DICK’s Sporting Goods ProTips

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