All You Need to Start Surfing


So, you noticed some of the surfers in your local beach and you thought “This looks like plenty of pleasure”, you hired out some gear and churns out for the first time. Despite getting wrapped around in the water you left feeling strangely elated and now you are thinking that surfing may be the sport for you. Brilliant! You’ve officially caught the bug! Now all you will need to do is get kitted out with the ideal equipment so that you can get up and running with learning the art of wave riding.

Choosing the right equipment is important, it’s no good going right for the things that you think looks the good but doesn’t perform how you need or want! This is particularly true of surfboard; all those amazing looking shapes are really for technical reasons and not only for decoration!

The main things you will need when starting out would be: Surfboard, Wetsuit, Rash Guards, Board Shorts, Surf Wax, Leash and Board Bags.


Ability is pretty much the most significant factor to look at when buying a board. When starting out you’re likely to need something long and stable (an Osprey Foamie board is terrific for novices) but you could think about a difficult epoxy board such as a funboard. Shortboards may seem cooler and more streamlined but they will be very tricky to learn on and you will spend most of the time in the water rather than learning to ride waves.


This is another key decision as the wrong suit will lower your pleasure and therefore your learning. Warmth, comfort and fit will be the primary things to look for when picking the right wetsuit for you. Work out how warm the average temperature of the water is at the local break.

Rash Guards and Board Shorts

Whilst not mandatory, rash guards are a fantastic idea if you locate your wetsuit rubs around the neck or seams over prolonged periods of use, and board shorts will help create an additional layer of insulation underneath your wetsuit.

Surf Wax

This is important if you’re planning on staying on your own brand spanking new epoxy board! Attempting to surf it without is going to be a thankless task, slipping and sliding all over the deck of the board is also a certain way to get hurt. Making certain you wax your deck prior to using it will make your path to surfing Shangri-La a lot easier, make sure you select the ideal wax to the warmth of the water using the incorrect wax at the wrong temperature may come inside melting.

When applying surf wax you want to get left with a deck filled with small lumps of wax, these will help with grip when riding. Waxing your plank in the sun is probably not such a fantastic idea as melted wax isn’t going to give you much grip at all! Place your board deck facing upwards on something or someplace soft and eliminate the fins should you feel that they could be damaged in this position. Start rubbing the deck of board with all the wax out of nose to tail and round the width of the deck (though you don’t have to wax all the way in which the nose, just at least 3/4 of the way upward) . Avoid too much stress as this will not give you the right outcomes and could harm your fins (if left in). Be liberal on the application especially the centre where your feet will be all the time.


Leashes are important not only for your safety but on your boards’ and other water users! Most surfboards will come with a leash included nevertheless they may get worn or break. Leashing yourself up to your board will discontinue it for careering all of the way to the beach into rocks and into other surfers once you wipe out. It will also help you prevent having to expend energy swimming after it all the time. Whilst it will be able to help you find your board if you get into problem you shouldn’t rely on it, or your board for security, make sure that you are comfortable swimming in the water prior to getting in. It will help you stay away from dings and expensive repairs and make it a lot easier to carry about.

Board Bags

A board bag will help protect your surfboard if it is outside the water in storage or being transported into the beach. It can allow you to stay away from dings and expensive repairs and also make it easier to carry about.

There we have it you’re all geared up! Surfing like all action sports comes with an element of danger so before you jump in well over your head, take a little time to familiarize yourself with the key things that you need to be aware of from the water. Above all stay safe and have fun! That is what the ancient art of wave riding headline is about!

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